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Thunder Chickens Clinch National Championship

After an undefeated Division 2 season of 15s rugby, Principia College’s Thunder Chickens headed to Houston, Texas for the Division 2 National Collegiate Rugby Championships.

Communicating Conservation Through Dance

As the autumn sun set, Upper School and College students wove their way through towering pieces of Mississippi River driftwood. The performance celebrated the opening of “River Ark,” a new art installation by Thomas Sleet at the Audubon Center at Riverlands.

Summer Research Provides Hands-On Learning

Over the summer, some Principia College students partnered with faculty and dug deeper into research projects. The projects stemmed from a range of disciplines, including theater, computer science, engineering, and biology. They gave students opportunities for hands-on research and field work—an invaluable experience in understanding what further study or a career might look like after college.

Principia Team Aims to Uplift Alton

Principia College’s neighboring city of Alton is a frequent stop for students, faculty, and visitors traveling to and from the campus. In recent years, there has been an effort to reenergize the town, from the establishment of new coffee shops to winning a spot on a reality tv show giving small businesses a makeover.

Solar Car Team 2022 Slideshow

If you follow Principia News, you are no stranger to stories about the Principia Solar Car team. You've seen them on the American Solar Challenge podium, you've seen them driving around 

Mammoth Tusk

While collecting topsoil for a construction project, Michael Towell of the Facilities Department Infrastructure Crew, spotted what he thought might be bone fragments on the ground.

Dr. Roberts PA State Committee

This summer, Dr. Brian Roberts, chair of Principia’s Political Science Department, testified during a Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee hearing. The testimony centered on Pennsylvania’s current “Governor and Lieutenant Governor Disability Procedure Law,” an area of state law that Dr. Roberts is familiar with after researching and co-writing a chapter on “Gubernatorial Incapacity and Succession Provision” in the 2005 Book of the States.

Drag-Racing News at Principia College?

Principia College isn’t usually featured in the latest drag-racing news, so when those two worlds intersect, it’s worth taking a closer look., an internet magazine for drag racing, featured a story on drag racing’s connection to Principia College through the solar car.

Dr. Martin and Prof. Kamusinga Recognized for Teaching Excellence

Each year, Principia College recognizes professorial talent with two awards—Teacher of the Year and the Horace Edwin Harper Jr. and Evelyn Wright Harper Award for Teaching Excellence. Brian Kamusinga, assistant professor of chemistry, earned the 2022 Teacher of the Year Award and the Harper Teaching Excellence Award winner is religious studies Professor Heather Martin.