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Advising and Registration

In late May/early June, new students will receive an email from a Principia Academic Advisor with information about the following:

Academic Advising and FYE Programs

You will be asked to submit an Academic Interest Survey which will help your New Student Advisor plan for your advising meeting.

Special Note: If you think you might major in music, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, or engineering—these are “early starting” majors that require special attention. As soon as you hear from the academic advisors, be sure to tell them if you are considering one of these majors.

Students who are in the process of learning their second language will be asked to complete an online assessment of proficiency to identify appropriate placement into language courses. An in-person interview will be required in order to “test out” of the language requirement. Bilingual or multilingual students may also “test out” of the language requirement via in-person interview.

You will review the links provided in the email to prepare for selecting your FYE, or First Year Experience program.


During on-campus orientation, you will attend a “Registration Know-How” session to learn how to select courses and register for classes. Afterwards you will have a pre-scheduled appointment with your New Student Advisor to explore your interests and goals and to finalize course selections for your first semester.

After the pre-scheduled advising appointments, registration for new students will open, and you’ll register for classes and order your textbooks online. Registration changes can be made during the first two weeks of the semester.

Find the Principia College Catalog here.

Find the Course Schedule here (for enrolled students).