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Dr. Sarah Andrews

Associate Professor of Political Science

Teaching Area(s)

Political Science
Global Studies


  • PhD, Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia
  • MA, University of Virginia
  • BA, Principia College


Dr. Sarah Andrews' expertise is in the comparative politics, with a particular regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. As part of her doctoral research, she spent a year conducting field research in Burkina Faso and Malawi. Prior to her graduate studies, she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso.

I love engaging with students about major issues facing our world and helping students become excited about being engaged global citizens.

Scholarly Interests

  • Sarah Andrews' scholarly interests include African politics, the political economy of development, and agricultural policy and food security.

Contributions to Field

  • Teaches political science and global studies to undergraduates
  • Has conducted original research on the role of bureaucrats in implementing agricultural policy in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Has given presentations at various Political Science and African Studies conferences

Memberships and Affiliations

  • American Political Science Association
  • Midwest Political Science Association
  • African Studies Association

Publications and Presentations

  • "Agricultural Clientelism in the 2014 Campaign." 2015. In The 2014 Malawi Tripartite Elections - Democracy Maturing? Ed. Nandani Patel and Michael Wahman. Malawi: NICE.
  • “Ethnocentrism Reduces Foreign Direct Investment.” 2018. The Journal of Politics 80(2): 697-700. (with David Leblang and Sonal S. Pandya)
  • “Elite Defection and Grassroots Democracy under Competitive Authoritarianism: Evidence from Burkina Faso.” 2019. Democratization 26(4): 626-644. (with Lauren Honig)
  • A number of conference presentations at the annual conferences of the American Political Science Association, the Midwest Political Science Association, and the African Studies Association.

Dr. Sarah Andrews CV