2015-2016 Costs

The costs below represent the price of a Principia College education before financial aid and scholarship. Ninety-five percent of students new to Principia College received scholarships and/or grants in 2014-2015, and the average financial aid package covers at least two-thirds of college expenses. We'll do everything we can to make sure financial concerns do not keep you from enrolling. Learn more about our financial aid, scholarships, and other resources, or contact our office at 800.277.4648, x2813, for more information.

College expenses for 2015–2016

Tuition: $26,940
Room: $5,130
Board: $5,680
Total: $37,750

Personal expenses

Books: $1,000
Personal Items: $1,000
Student Fees: $500
Travel: $750–$1,500

Students incur additional miscellaneous expenses such as electronic book fees, lab fees, abroad fees, etc.

The Federal Government requires colleges that accept federal aid to have financial aid net price calculators on their websites. Because Principia College does not accept federal aid and works closely with families on an individual basis to meet their need, we do not use a financial aid net price calculator.