The Scholarship Program at Principia welcomes all degree-seeking prospective students, domestic and international, regardless of national and ethnic origin or citizenship. Each of our scholarships is based on stated criteria, regardless of need. Scholarships are renewable for up to four years with specific criteria that must be met to keep full funding. A student may apply for multiple scholarships but may only receive one scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

While Principia College subscribes to the national application deadline of March 1st for regular admissions decision students, it is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible to be considered for all scholarship awards. By completing the general application for admission, you will automatically be considered for the academic scholarships and the Arthur Schulz scholarship. You must apply for the Founders' Scholarship.

All admissions and scholarship decisions are awarded on a rolling basis, which enables you to receive an admission and scholarship decision within two weeks of completing your application. To receive priority consideration, please submit your Founders' Scholarship application with your application for admission. The deadline for all scholarship applications is March 2. 

First Time Freshmen

First-time freshmen are invited to apply for admissions and scholarships beginning in the fall of their high school senior year. Freshmen are eligible for all scholarships.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are eligible for the Dean’s academic scholarship, the Founders' Scholarship, and the Arthur F. Schultz Scholarship. If you are a transfer student, call your admissions counselor to determine the best time to apply for admissions. Find your admissions counselor here.