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Principia Students WOW at MIG


This year Principia sent four outstanding first-year delegates to the intercollegiate Model Illinois Government (MIG) simulation at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, IL. MIG is an exciting event where students from colleges across Illinois serve as legislators, lobbyists, and journalists, debating and voting on real legislation from the Illinois House and Senate as well as from the students themselves.

Principia's four students—juniors Emma John, Jennifer Yeoman, Avery Smith, and freshman Anna Van Patten—all participated as members of the House of Representatives. Each participated in a smaller committee and on the floor—debating bills, voting, and negotiating with their colleagues. Smith was even drafted into party leadership, becoming the House's Assistant Minority Leader. 

The realism of being in the State Capitol, debating in the House Chamber itself, and even getting to use the representatives' voting machines, was a tremendous value-add to the experience. "It really completed the experience so it actually felt real," said Van Patten. "Being in the building really put into perspective what we were doing," added Smith.

"The whole experience taught me so much about the legislative process—both its good and bad sides," said Yeoman. "I feel like I have a much more realistic view of how the process works that I wouldn't have been able to get just from the classroom.”

MIG staff and faculty advisers were unanimously excited to have Principia back at MIG after being absent in 2023 and attending sporadically in the years previous. Principia students are widely appreciated at MIG for both their intellectual abilities and their warm, kind approach to their fellow delegates.