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Plan for America conference explores national debt solutions

On April 28, Plan for America—a nonpartisan, public-private partnership focused on solving the national debt crisis while bolstering American retirement and healthcare systems—hosted a symposium on the Principia College campus. Think tank leaders, including Stephen Moore of The Heritage Foundation and Dr. John C. Goodman, President of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research, elaborated on their vision for an economically sustainable future.

Principia College alum Terry Nager (C’72), president of the investment advisory Southern Capital Services, founded Plan for America as a comprehensive solution to the national debt crisis, which would guarantee Social Security and Medicare, and provide affordable healthcare to every U.S. citizen. Nager’s brother, Eric (C’89), has joined him at Plan for America, hosting the Plan for America podcast.

The conference, moderated in part by College senior Luke Nutwell (C’23), explored the economic strategy of Plan for America in detail.

Watch the afternoon conference sessions.

Watch the evening conference session.