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Dr. Norton's Inaugural Fall Convocation Sets the Tone at Principia College


Last month, College President Dr. Daniel Norton presided over his first Fall Convocation, setting the tone for the semester. Dr. Norton extended a warm welcome to the new students in their native languages—17 languages in total. He emphasized the global nature of Christian Science and Principia College, stating, "Christian Science is a global religion, and Principia is a global college."

In his address, Dr. Norton discussed the responsibilities that come with being a global institution, highlighting the importance of mindfulness as a form of spiritual receptivity and prayerfulness. 

He emphasized, “So we all, as mindful members of a faith-based, global college, need to constantly refine and adjust our own understanding of the world. Expanding your perspectives, providing other points of view, and helping you navigate through information overload. That is what education is all about.”

With this resonating message and profound insights, Convocation attendees processed  to the Chapel Green, continuing the tradition of surprising and cheering on the new students as they entered the community. This symbolic gesture marked the beginning of the faculty and staff's role in guiding and supporting these eager new students  on their journey at Principia College.

Watch the full Convocation here.