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Dance Production 2024: A Celebration of Humanity
240408_C_Dance Production Rehearsal_KG-6 | by Principia College

This year’s College dance production was, in director Erin Lane’s words, a “joyous celebration of humanity.” The Cox Auditorium stage came alive in early April with a wide variety of genres, including Latin fusion, Southeast African, contemporary modern, jazz and hip-hop, tap, and musical theatre. “We have dances that explore themes of friendship, humanity, sisterhood, loss, rebellion, and community,” says Lane. “This year’s show is full of joy, fun, and celebration.” 

Of the many dances showcased on Cox's stage during the show’s successful three-day run, most were choreographed by students. “We have nine student choreographers and most of them are first-time choreographers, so it’s always amazing to walk with them along this creative journey and mentor them through this process,” says Lane.

She continues, “Dance Prod is an absolutely transformational experience. It’s a venue for students to use their artistic voice. Immeasurable student growth occurs! They are never the same people at the end as they were at the beginning of the process.”