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Student Safety Amnesty Policy

The Student Safety Amnesty (SSA) policy applies to students who require immediate support for health and safety due to consumption of alcohol and/or drugs. Principia does not want fear of disciplinary action to hinder an appropriate response to address incapacitation affecting the safety of yourself or others as a result of alcohol and/or drug use. If there is danger or a threat to health and safety, students are strongly encouraged to call any of the following for non-judgmental immediate assistance under this amnesty policy:

  • Any RC
  • Cox Cottage: 618-374-5000
  • Campus Security: 618-374-5111
  • Erin Rainwater (Dean of Students): 618-374-5162
  • Mark Hagenlocher (Residence Director): 618-374-5561
  • Geoff Hinchman (Student Conduct and House Support Manager): 618-374-5566
  • 911

For the purpose of this policy, amnesty is understood to mean a general pardon for an alcohol and/or drug related emergency. Any student who seeks this emergency assistance for their own or another student’s well-being will therefore not be subject to disciplinary action.

If a student is tempted to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, they may call their RC or any of the above to help arrange a ride while invoking Confidential Counseling (CC) for support in healing and overcoming the use of, addiction to, or the temptation to use self-destructive substances that are not in alignment with the Principia’s Standards.

This policy has been designed to support students who struggle with our community standards and to keep them out of danger as much as possible.