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Student Insurance Requirement

Principia policy requires that all students attending the College have health insurance coverage.

Principia College students who are US citizens or permanent residents must demonstrate they are covered by an ACA-approved health insurance plan.  If unable to obtain coverage through a parent’s insurance plan or the Health Insurance Marketplace, Principia College has identified a student health insurance plan which may be purchased to meet this requirement. Students who do not provide proof of ACA-approved health insurance by August 6 will be automatically enrolled in and billed for this plan.

Principia College international students must demonstrate they are covered by a health insurance plan that is valid in the US and has a national network of health care providers.  Principia's International Student Program Manager can provide information on insurance plan options and is available to assist international students in enrolling in the plan of their choice.

For more information on the College's student health requirement, including deadlines for demonstrating coverage and details and costs of the default insurance plan please contact Student Life