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Charlie MacIntire (C’22)

Merchandise Expense Clerk, Costco

When Charlie landed an internship at Costco’s headquarters in Washington, he emailed his business advisor with excitement. He would soon be part of a team that handles the roughly $3 billion in processed invoices annually. Charlie's primary job was to keep track and log all of Costco’s legal and construction invoices and make sure they were paid.

“My internship was a very cool experience.” 

Charlie was given additional projects that made the summer even more rewarding. One was a data visualization tool that he and another intern created for warehouses to better analyze their utility vendors. Another was an express audit tool for managers to audit invoices more easily.

Charlie drew from the concepts he’d learned in his accounting classes, along with the skills he’d gained from interacting with his professors. It was the individualized and supportive  relationships with faculty that encouraged him to attend Principia College in the first place.

“Principia draws people from all around the world. You meet a lot of cool people that hold similar values as you.”

Charlie appreciates Principia’s smaller class sizes and the unique perspectives of students. He also enjoys being a part of the rugby and eSports teams.

Must-Take Course: Language of Film

Favorite Principia Moment: Going to the National Tournament for Division II Rugby, which took place in Tucson, Arizona. It was really cool representing Principia on such a big stage.

Dream Job: Being on the business end of a Formula 1 Racing Team or working for a video game company.

Advice for Incoming Students: Don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people. You’ll discover new things about yourself.

Charlie Costco