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Educational Studies


We produce teachers. Connectors, facilitators, communicators, empowerers—both in the classroom and beyond.

With a focus on social responsibility, our graduates are prepared for success in diverse contexts and communities. They are globally-minded, self-actualized educators; discerning and adaptable forward-thinkers.

From educational theory to group management practice, curriculum design to real-world experience building learning communities, you’ll make your education practical. In the process, you'll develop strong, transferable skills in communication, critical thinking, experiential learning, inquiry-based teaching and learning, leadership, and technology applications.

Study-Abroad Programs

Principia study-abroad programs are open to all majors, and you’re encouraged to apply to any abroad program that interests you—even if the abroad isn’t in your major/minor. Your passport to international learning starts here—Principia College Study Abroad.

Course Catalog

Find complete course listings and program requirements in our Course Catalog.