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Into the Woods


Studio Art and Biology and Natural Resources


Professor Dane Carlson and Dr. John Lovseth

Program Summary

This course is an exploration of three things: forest, tree, and wood. 

Through its content and structure, the course will introduce students to the concept of critical practice, the simultaneity of thinking and doing already central to both BNR 105: Introduction to Forestry and ARTS 203: Sculpture I. BNR 105 will examine the nature of forests and trees,  theories and methods of forest management, and applied processes like felling and milling trees. ARTS 203 will focus on an in-depth examination of wood as a material–including softwood, hardwood, and engineered wood products like plywood and MDF–through the use of hand and power tools.

The courses will be tied together in two ways. First, students will learn applied skills from milling lumber to working with hand and power tools in the woodshop through a process that stretches across the semester. Second, both courses will focus on examining the ecologies of forests, trees, and wood–moral, political, natural, and material ecologies, among others.

ARTS 203: Sculpture I (3 SH, GEA)

BNR 105: Intro to Forestry (4 SH, GESL)