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Exploration and Experiment




Dr. Jeffrey Cornelius

Program Summary

Exploration and Experiment is a science-focused program intended to prepare you for success in a quantitative field such as chemistry, engineering, or physics. If you are considering a major in one of these subjects, you should definitely take this FYE. There will be math! In order to be successful, you should consider taking a college-level calculus course, if you haven’t already taken one. We will include a term project such as building a hoverboard, making chocolate, synthesizing an aerogel or a superconducting magnet.

CHEM 131: Fundamentals of Chemistry (4 SH, GESL) 

This introductory chemistry course will develop your observation, quantitative, and scientific skills through learning and practicing chemistry. We will do this by researching, problem-solving, and performing experiments in the laboratory. Topics include the structure of atoms, working with conversions and math ratios, models of bonding, and understanding gases, liquids, and solids.

GEN 101 EE: ILC Exploration and Experiment (3 SH)

The Integrated Learning Course will include a term project such as building a hoverboard, baking chocolate, synthesizing an aerogel or making a superconducting magnet.  Like other programs we include a library research project but we also include applying the scientific method–doing an experiment and writing up the results.

Note: Exploration and Experiment provides an introduction to the early-starting majors of Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics. We strongly recommend signing up for this FYE if you are interested in pursuing a degree in one of these programs.