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Steven Savides

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication


Mass Communication


  • PhD, University of Notre Dame
  • MTS, Harvard Divinity School
  • MDIV, Andover Newton Theological School
  • BA, Principia College


Dr. Steven Savides is a peace scholar, social theorist, and former journalist who teaches journalism and media law and ethics. Savides’ orientation toward solutions-based journalism is influenced by his interdisciplinary scholarship investigating the application of decolonial theory in settler colonial societies and the way faith-based and media practices and institutions can contribute to establishing more just, equitable, and peaceful societies. He is faculty adviser to the student newspaper, The Pilot, and assistant coach of the mediation team.

My role, better yet, my calling, as a teacher and a scholar is to equip and inspire my students to be courageous, informed, and imaginative thinkers who dare to reach for solutions to the problems of violent conflict, scarcity, and climate change that mire much of the world’s population in a sense of fear and hopelessness. I, in turn, learn so much from my students and am inspired by the tenacity of their hope, which is both pragmatic and transformative.


  • Decoloniality and contemporary decolonization movements in settler colonial societies
  • Impacts of social media on conflict in and among democracies
  • The role of mass media in peace processes
  • Peace- and solutions-oriented journalism
  • Religious peacebuilding
  • Regional foci: Sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe


Dr. Savides’ dissertation, Unsettling the Settler Colonial Imagination: Decoloniality as a Theological Hermeneutic in South Africa?, investigates the application of decolonial theory to theology in South Africa and the contributions Reformed theologians are making to reimagining and reforming individual communities and society as a whole. Savides has presented his work at academic conferences and in various scholarly colloquia. Applying this peace scholarship to communication and journalism, in particular, Savides is researching and writing articles intended for peer-review publication and presentation.


  • American Academy of Religion
  • Peace and Justice Studies Association
  • The Society of Christian Ethics


  • Dissertation: Unsettling the Settler Colonial Imagination, Decoloniality as a Theological Hermeneutic? University of Notre Dame, 2022
  • Conference Respondent: Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network’s 14th International Conference, “Decolonizing Churches”, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2022
  • Lecture: “Christian Perspectives on Just War and Just Peace,” Living Water Association of the United Church of Christ, Ohio, 2022
  • Panel Discussion: “Invasion of Ukraine: What Does it Mean?”, Principia College, 2022

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