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Annabelle Marquez

Assistant Professor of Spanish


Dual Language


  • B.A. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. 1974-1978. Major in Social and Cultural Anthropology with concentrated studies in the Department of Romance Languages in Spanish Language and Literature.  Graduated with Honors.
  •  M.S.W. Boston University School of Social Work, Boston, Massachusetts. 1982-1984.
  •  Additional Relevant Graduate Level Education:
  • St. Joseph’s College, Maine. 2006 to 2010 (4 graduate level courses in Education completed in excellent standing).
  • University of Maine-Gender Roles.
    Graduate credits in Spanish Language (taught in Spanish) (18 SH):
  • Boston University 1982-1984 Puerto Rican Leadership (3 courses-9SH)
  • Westfield State College 2019 Puerto Rican Literature (3 SH)
  • University of Colorado (Pueblo) 2020 Short Stories of Latin America (3SH)
  • Nazarene University (World Languages) 2022 Pre-Hispanic Civilizations (3SH)


I am a native speaker of Spanish from Puerto Rico. I have been teaching the Spanish language for many years and love it! I use a pedagogy with the following principles: connection with students, relevance, liveliness, and authenticity. Teaching Spanish is an opportunity to share my language, culture, and joy.

“Learning to speak another language to communicate with others is as exhilarating as the first moment you learned to ride a bike without training wheels.”


  • Puerto Rican Culture and Literature
  • Latin American Studies
  • Spanish Language and Language Acquisition
  • Cultural Studies
  • Spanish Language and Literature


  • ACTFL for Language Educators


  • Global Studies: Current Perspectives on Mexico, Fall 2019, Principia College
  • Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom with English as a Learned Language Students, Fall 2020, Principia College, Department of Educational Studies

Annabelle Marquez CV