Phase 6: Senior-level writing in the major (Capstone)


If you're wondering how the Fall 2011 change to semesters affects Phases 5 & 6, here's the scoop:

  1.  If you enrolled at Principia College before Fall 2011, you are still required to fulfill all six phases of the writing program that was in place at the time you arrived on campus.
  2. The only change in this six-phase writing program has been to reduce the number of Phase 4 submissions from two per quarter to one per semester.  If you have already passed phase 4, this change does not affect you in any way.
  3. There have been absolutely no changes to Phases 5 and 6 from previous years.  Each is still fulfilled by taking a course designated by your major department(s) as fulfilling the Phase 5 or 6 requirement, and then submitting for your major department’s approval the required Phase 5 or Phase 6 paper.  Once the course instructor has “passed” these papers,
    • you drop a final copy of the paper into your Phase 5 or 6 folder on the W drive
    • the instructor fills out a completion form for the phase and forwards it to the Writing Center to be entered on Banner
  4. The DEADLINE for 1) getting Phase 5 and 6 completion forms to the Writing Center and 2) dropping your electronic papers onto the W drive is 5 p.m. Wednesday of Final Exam week for the semester in which you plan to graduate.

 Click below to see the Phase 6 requirement for your major department(s).



Phase 6: Senior-level Writing in the Major (Capstone)

Every student completes a capstone or an advanced, senior-level writing project within the major.  This project is adapted to what seems most appropriate for the major as well as to what helps the student continue to develop as a writer through the senior year or the most advanced academic work.


How does it affect Phase 6 if I’m a double or triple major?

You must pass Phase 6 separately for each of your majors.


Click here for Phase 6 Completion form

Click here for List of Phase 6 courses by major