Phase 4: Sophomore Proficiency Portfolio

Phase 4 of the writing program is the gateway into upper-division work in your major.  Unlike the other phases of the writing program, this one is not fulfilled simply by taking a specific class, and it will require you to plan and carry it out on your own initiative. 

Each student submits a portfolio of specified writing during the sophomore year.  Each portfolio is evaluated by two faculty members from the student’s major department and one faculty member from the Writing Center.  Students who have not successfully completed this evaluation by the time they complete their first semester as a senior will be placed on writing suspension and will not be allowed to be enrolled at the college until phase 4 is completed.


Note that there is now only one opportunity to submit Phase 4 each term*If any of your portfolio pieces do not pass, you will have to wait until the following term to resubmit.

*Click below to review letters sent out Fall 2010 informing students needing to complete Phase 4 about this upcoming change.

Spring Semester 2013

Deadline for both new / initial submissions and resubmissions:


(Thursday following Spring Break)

Can I submit before this deadline?

Absolutely.  The above is a deadline, not a due date; initial and re-submissions are welcome & encouraged anytime before and up to the above deadline.  However, NO SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 2:00 P.M.ON THE ABOVE DATE unless you have requested and received in advance an exception from the Writing Program Director.

What happens after I submit? 

Weeks 9 through 15, faculty readers from your major department and the Writing Center will review and evaluate your portfolio submission and determine which pieces meet the requirements for Phase 4 and pass, and which still need further revision / editing to meet the Phase 4 writing proficiency level standard and do not pass.  They'll write up a summary of their assessment and feedback and you will receive an email from the Writing Center letting you know when your results are available for your review in your Evaluations/Phase 4 folder on the W drive.

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