Phase 2: First Year Experience (FYE)

First Year Experience:  Foundations of Academic Writing

Building on the pre-fall writing seminar, FYE classes use writing as a vehicle for learning, teaching students how to write and revise papers in an academic context.  Although each FYE program varies in writing assignments, quantity of writing, and the way in which writing is integrated into the content, all are committed to introducing students to disciplinary writing, to library research and documentation conventions, and to methods of avoiding plagiarism.

Through writing and instruction each program will help students further develop the following:

  1. A realistic sense of what it takes to produce effective writing
    • How to identify the nature of an assignment and adapt to various purposes and audiences;
    • How to generate and focus topics, theses, and central themes;
    • How to critique their own and others’ writing and how to give and receive feedback;
    • How to revise their work, attending to issues of organization, clarity, development, and presentation;
    • How to proofread and edit for grammar, syntax, and punctuation.
  2. Confidence and comfort with writing
    • How to address fears and attitudes that impede their progress;
    • How to access resources outside of class (teacher conferences, Writing Center, tutors, handouts, workshops…);
    • How to respond to and approach a variety of writing assignments (mixture of genres and assessments to enhance versatility).

At the end of the FYE program, students will drop three pieces of writing into their Phase 2 folder on the W: drive:

  1. Cover letter
  2. One paper that includes documentation (for example, a research proposal, an expository essay, or a formal lab report )
  3. Annotated Bibliography