Meet Senior Shelby Lemons

Carmel, Indiana

I am majoring in political science with an international relations focus.

I love having so many opportunities to get involved at Principia! There is truly something for everyone. Here’s what I’ve done over the last four years:

  • worked as a resident assistant in Anderson House
  • served as the director of operations for the Public Affairs Conference
  • been a delegate for Model United Nations
  • served as a member of student government
  • run cross country for four seasons
  • played lacrosse for three seasons
  • studied abroad in Brazil in 2011

And in the spring of 2013, I will travel to Peru!

I am so grateful for Principia—I would never have had the chance to participate in all of these activities at another school.

Because of Principia . . .    

  • I attended SCONA 57, a conference on national affairs at Texas A&M University, and presented a paper for the 2012 International Studies Association Midwest Annual Conference in St. Louis. 
  • I was named this year’s Principia College Lincoln Academy Laureate, so I’ve been invited to the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, to receive a student laureate medallion, a certificate of achievement, and a check.

Principia highlight (so far):
I was the director of operations for Principia's 63rd Public Affairs Conference (PAC) during my junior year. PAC is an entirely student-run conference that brings speakers from all over the world to campus and invites delegates from around the country to participate. The conference has the specific purpose of bringing healing to the world. The topic that year was peacebuilding, and the conference had such an inspiring message. Each year, the conference opens my eyes to so many world events that need prayer and healing, and it was wonderful to have a topic like peacebuilding that focused on the positive, sustainable solutions going on in the world today. It was an honor to be part of such an amazing board of students who put so much time, effort, and prayer into the event.

Thoughts about Principia:
I love the positive and loving atmosphere at Principia! It is wonderful to be a part of such an active and dynamic community of Christian Scientists. The care and support shown here are truly felt. I especially appreciate the academics at Principia. The classes are small, and the professors are willing and available to work with their students. Principia offers such an enriching academic experience, full of endless opportunities and chances to grow and learn!