PrinAlert Information


What is PrinAlert?

PrinAlert quickly relays emergency messages to community members via text, phone and/or e-mail. We want everyone to have the opportunity to take the appropriate physical and metaphysical action in the event of an emergency situation. We intend to notify you in situations like these:

  • Hostile intruder
  • Fire
  • Extreme weather alert

What’s the most important thing for me to know about PrinAlert?

The fastest way to reach you through this system is with cell-phone (SMS) texting.  Because Principia currently doesn’t maintain a reliable record of your cell phone number, we hope all community members will enter their cell-phone numbers on the self-service page linked below.  If you're an employee, please enter your work phone also. Self-Service page linked here.

Quick tips:

  • You will use your Principia email address and your Principia ID (without the hyphen – P0198765) to login.
  • Enter your cell number in two fields - “Mobile Phone” and again in the field labeled "SMS Phone."

How often will I experience a PrinAlert message?

PrinAlert will only be used for emergencies as well as two tests each year. Our actual number will depend mostly on the number of emergencies.

What contact information will PrinAlert have about me?

Principia preloads the PrinAlert system with basic contact information for students and employees.  Principia encourages participants to add additional information such as cell phone number and alternate email.  Participants may also change or even remove this additional information at any time.

How do I get help if I have trouble with the Self-Service page or have questions?

Call the College IT HelpDesk at 5600 or email

Log in to provide your PrinAlert contact information.