Meet Senior Oliver Simpson

Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Mass Communication with a political science minor


  • Hosted his own radio show on Principia Internet Radio (PIR)
  • Wrote for Principia’s student-run magazine, The Pilot
  • Served on the house board
  • Worked as a resident assistant in the freshman house
  • Interned at a St. Louis radio station

Principia highlight (so far):
One of the main highlights has been presenting my own radio show on Principia Internet Radio (PIR), an experience that the size and uniqueness of Principia College enabled me to do. I feel that these kind of opportunities are made possible because the Principia atmosphere removes limitation.

Thoughts about Principia:
I love the Principia community because it so loving and welcoming. I have never been in a place where I had so many friends. These friendships have helped me in all departments of life—athletics, academics, and family. I will forever cherish the friendships I have made here and look forward to taking them wherever I go next.