Workers' Compensation—Employees

Principia's Workers' Compensation Injury and Return to Work Procedures for Employees

Workers' Compensation is an employee benefit system which covers on-the-job injuries. Principia values all of its workers and wishes them to be injury-free and able to perform their jobs without discomfort or restriction. In the hopefully rare circumstances where employees are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury, it is Principia's policy that each injured worker receive appropriate care and compensation according to the Workers' Compensation laws. The following explains the process:

  • All employees must report any injury sustained while working for Principia to his/her supervisor immediately. Anything requiring only First Aid does not need to be reported. But falls, strains, sprains, pulled muscles, etc. that don't necessarily require medical attention or the services of a Christian Science practitioner or nurse must be reported for the protection of the employee, in addition to injuries that do require these services. Near misses (any incident when an employee is almost injured) must also be reported either on a spreadsheet in the shops or directly to Workplace Safety so that a follow-up can be done to determine the cause of the near miss to see if something needs to be changed to make the working environment safer.
  • Supervisor fills out Report of Injury with the help of the employee.
  • Supervisor must send Report of Injury to the Workplace Safety office within 24 hours for processing.
  • Department pays for the day an employee is injured and goes to a medical or Christian Science facility.
  • During the time the employee is unable to work due to a Workers' Compensation injury, Workers' Compensation benefits will provide about 2/3 of an employee's regular wages and vacation time will continue to accrue.
  • Following an initial 3-day period covered by regular wages, the first Workers' Compensation check will be issued for days 4-7 within 10 day
  • Principia works with a third party administrator (CCMSI) and they handle all Workers' Compensation cases for Principia employees who are unable to work. The CCMSI representative (currently Jason Fredrick) contacts each Workers' Compensation claimant to get acquainted with them and their situation, ask clarifying questions, and to let the employee know what to expect. CCMSI will also set up any doctor appointments that Principia deems to be helpful or clarifying to the case. Travel expenses are covered by Workers' Compensation by submitting a statement of mileage to Workplace Safety.
  • Workers' Compensation pays all medical bills in full. It also covers prescriptions when employees submit copies of receipts to Workplace Safety. Do not use your group health insurance card.
  • Workers' Compensation pays all Christian Science bills in full: Christian Science practitioners, Christian Science nurses, and Christian Science facilities. Practitioner bills should be sent to the Workplace Safety office either for payment or for reimbursement to the employee.
  • Time off required for doctor or physical therapy appointments for a Workers' Compensation injury will be paid for by the department.
  • Following the initial 3-day period, if the case is deemed not to be a Workers' Compensation case, any lost time is paid by sick pay first, then vacation pay, and then unpaid leave if that runs out.
  • Employee stays in touch with their department, Human Resources, and Workplace Safety offices and gives progress reports until they return to work.
  • Employees who return to work after an injury, whether or not it is a Workers' Compensation injury, and whether or not they were under the care of a doctor, or a Christian Science practitioner or nurse, must have a doctor sign-off stating that she/he is fully fit to perform the activities in the job description, and indicating that the employee can perform his/her job at 100% in order to work without discomfort or limitation.
  • If an injury involves the use of a brace, cast, or sling for a period of time, depending on circumstances, the employee may not return to work until the injury is 100% healed. This is because these items usually restrict the movement of the wearers and may prevent the work from being done safely for them or their co-workers.
  • If an injury results in mobility challenges necessitating crutches, a cane or limping, depending on circumstances, the employee may not return to work until it is verified by a doctor that she/he is fully fit to perform all job description activities.
  • In order to ensure safe work performance, the Workplace Safety office may ask the employee to see a particular specialist who will determine whether or not the worker is fit to safely perform all work activities on the job. Workers' Comp will pay for the visit to this doctor's office.
  • Workers' Compensation claims can be handled with or without a lawyer and it is your right to hire counsel if you so choose. If an employee hires a lawyer so does Principia and the claims process can sometimes take longer. Other times attorney fees have reduced any settlement amount the employee would have received. It is also possible that in a particular case a claimant represented by counsel may receive more.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please call Workplace Safety at 5474.
  • At no time will employees who have a need to be at home for healing be thought to be poor workers or failures. Nor is an injury cause for an employee to be fired. Because Principia values each worker and the work they do, it wants all to be whole and free to move and perform without pain or discomfort. Also, the chances of the injury recurring or becoming worse are greater if the employee continues working on their regular work schedule.