Safety Policies: Facilities Usage

March 16, 2010

Policy Letter
Community Facilities Use Policy

Principia welcomes appropriate community use of our athletic and other facilities. Our Community Facilities Use Policy is based on three guidelines:

  • The Principia/Community Partnership is a pillar of school strength.
  • Safety and security are paramount elements in determining appropriate community use.
  • Students first. Principia's Community Facilities Use Policy is student-centered.

The various facilities subject to the community use policy and the details of the application and eligibility process are listed below. Community members desiring access to these facilities shall follow the process steps below:

  • Individual community members or groups(comprised of some community members) may apply to reserve an Upper School facility at the Upper School Athletic Dept., ext.3493. Applications to reserve a Lower/Middle School field or facility can be made through the Lower School Office at ext.3595. See attached COmmunity Use Application and Agreement.
  • All individuals and group members must have signed facility use agreements of file before utilizing and Principia facility.
  • Approved applications will result in a reservation for a particular field, court or other facility for a specific time. Individuals or teams who have not secured reservations may be asked to leave.
  • Groups who are comprised of more than 50% community members will be given priority over groups who are comprised of less than 50% community members.
  • Principia security hosts will provide access to our gymnasium and weight room facilities (lifeguards for pool to those individuals and groups who have secured reservations. No keys will be handled out(except for the racquetball courts and the outdoor tennis courts.)
  • The racquetball courts and the tennis courts are available on the same basis as the other facilities except that approved applications and use agreements will result in issuance of a key after payment of a $25 deposit, which will be refunded when the key is returned.
  • All persons using Principia facilities are expected to meet and exceed the high standards of conduct and sportsmanship that apply to Principia students, faculty, and staff, which include honesty, safety, respect for persons and property, appropriate language, and the Golden Rule.