Safety Policies: Car

Vehicular use of Beltrees Road, Passengers in Vehicles, Pickup Trucks and Trailers

I. Use of Beltrees Road

In keeping with Principia's Strategic Safety Plan, action plan number 6 (preventive action to prevent injuries) fleet vehicles owned by The Principia will drive through the town of Elsah to get the River Road. The only exceptions for travel to the right down Beltrees Rd. are those vehicles needing to go to Route 3 or towards Jerseyville. The Lockhaven shortcut is not a valid reason to turn right off campus. Returning to campus will also be through the village of Elsah. As most of you know, the speed limit on Beltrees Rd. is 55MPH. At this time, the State will not be changing this. Principia recommends travel to the River Road though Elsah for all non-fleet vehicles and visitors for safety reasons

II. Passengers within a Vehicle

No vehicles leaving campus may carry more passengers than the vehicle is designed to hold. This means if the vehicle is equipped with 5 seatbelts, only 5 passengers will be allowed to pass through the gate. On the same note, sitting on another's lap is a safety violation against Illinois State Law and Principia's Policy. Children under the age of four (4) must be in a proper child restraint, such as a car seat, according to The Federal Child Protection Act. Drivers of children between 4 and 6 shall be responsible for restraining them in a seat belt or proper car seat at all times.

III. Pickup Trucks and trailered vehicles

No passengers are allowed to ride in the truck bed of any vehicle leaving or arriving at Principia's gate. This is an unsafe act. The watchman will be required to stop these vehicles and correct the seating arrangement. No passengers may ride in a trailered vehicle such as a boat or camper. This type of trailer has been known to come loose and spill its contents.

IV. Travel on Campus in Pickup Trucks

If moving about on campus, passengers may ride in the bed of a pickup truck as long as they remain seated on the floor of the bed with all appendages within the walls of the bed. This is the only exception to the rules above concerning passengers. Drivers of a vehicle with passengers standing in the truck bed or through an open sunroof will be fined.