Shop Equipment Usage

Personal Projects Borrowing School Tools and Equipment

I. Purpose
To define Principia's policy regarding the use of school-owned property for personal projects and activities.

II. Scope
The policy is in effect:
* in all Principia-owned buildings, and for all tools and equipment owned by Principia.
*during normal working hours and at all times other than the normal work/school hours.
*for all employees, volunteers,students,parents,visitors,and independent contractors.

III. Responsibility
The responsibility for carrying out the provisions of this policy lies with all employees and their supervisors. The Principia Workplace Safety Office Safety is responsible for identifying actions that may hinder workplace safety efforts and for safeguarding valuable human resources and department assets.

IV. Policy
Shop space is not to be used for personal projects or the storage of personal items. For safety, security, and other liability reasons, employees are expected to not occupy shop space at times other than the normal work day. Any exception requires advance permission of an employee's supervisor.

Shop tools and equipment are not to be used for personal projects for any unapproved activities.

School-owned property is not to be removed from assigned areas and used for personal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, audiovisual equipment, projectors, computers, and stage props.

For your personal safety and the safety of others, tools and equipment should be maintained in good working order so as to prevent any malfunction, unusual wear, damage, loss, or safety hazard. Principia is committed to workplace safety and honesty. The school and college, and all who come in contact with it are expected to follow this safety policy not be in violation of rules that protect everyone.

In addition, all safety rules regarding the use of tools and equipment must be carefully followed.

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