Health or Injury Emergency Response Program

Health or Injury Emergency Response Program (Information and Instruction for the Principia Community)

I. Policy

Principia recognizes Christian Science as the standard for healing among Christian Scientists, but that there are instances when 1st Aid or other types of emergency care may be used for temporary relief, or for care and relief for non-Christian Scientists.

Temporary care is a case by case judgment call. Principia accommodates such choices based on Jesus' teaching: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, even while you render to God the things that are God's" (My. 220:8).

II. Purpose

This document provides a one-source reference and guide on the various considerations involving emergency care, and may be found on the WSD web-site along with other emergency plans and information.

III. Health or Injury Emergency Response Guidelines
In every case:
  • Call Christian Science nurse: ext 5000 College/ext 3590 The School.
  • Call a Christian Science practitioner for a Christian Scientist
  • Call Campus Security: ext 5111 College/ext 3111 The School.
  • Do not move any seriously injured person unless there is danger of further injury (i.e., fire, water, traffic).
  • Stay with the injured person in the interim and keep the victim calm and comfortable.
  • Until the emergency responder(s) arrive, administer first aid, CPR or AED, as appropriate, only if you trained to do so.
Christian Science Nursing Care:
  • Christian Science nurses are on duty 24 hours a day while school is in session to respond to any care need.
  • Call ext 5000 College (Cox Cottage)/ext 3590 The School (Campus House). Provide the location, who needs assistance, what appears to be the problem and if any special equipment is needed.
Call 9-911 (Police) in addition to the above when:
  • Persons have stopped breathing.
  • Persons are unconscious and a critical health challenge is apparent.
  • Persons request 911assistance.
What 911 information to provide?
  • Identify yourself, where you are, what the situation is and who is involved if known - short, clear sentences!
  • Provide a callback number and answer all questions clearly and calmly so that your information is correct and understood - time is of the essence!
General Information & Instruction

A). Workplace Safety Department (WSD)
WSD oversees the environmental health and safety program including workers compensation and insurance coverage, and collaborates with departments on emergency response, procedures, and training.

To contact the Director and/or the Safety Coordinator for information, questions, to report problems and/or emergencies etc., see the following:

During business hours
618-374-5871 (Elsah); x5871
314-514-3190 (St. Louis); x3190
774-270-0004 cell-24/7

Safety Coordinator:
618-374-5474 (Elsah); x5474

After hours/weekends etc.
Director: 774-270-0004 cell-24/7

B). 1st Aid/CPR

  • Training is provided by and scheduled through WSD.
  • Personnel required to take 1st Aid/CPR training include the following.
    (See part III for details):
    Campus Security
    Athletic Dept. Coaches
    Resident Counselors (Elsah)
    House Parents (St. Louis)
C). 1st Aid Supplies - use as needed

Primarily intended for minor injuries and needs, and includes only basic materials such as band-aids, bandages/wraps, gauze, rubber gloves, micro shield, cleansers etc.


Supplies are checked and restocked periodically via assigned departments or campus nurses. Notify WSD if supply kits are missing or contents need restocking.

General Locations (Elsah)
Security Gate House
Dorms - Resident Counselor Apts.
Cox Cottage (Nurses)
School of Government - Admissions
Howard Center - Information Booth, Campus Security Office
Science Center - all labs, machine shop, BNR, CIS dept.
Cox Auditorium - stage, dressing rooms, green room
Library - circulation desk, back office
Davis Theater- dressing rooms, green room, shop, costume room, theater
Morey Dance Studio - basement bathroom
Voney Art Center - rooms 001, 105
Radford Art Center - room on right of main entrance
Facilities - office, shop
Hexberg Tennis center - desk
Crafton Center - pool, weight room (red tool boxes)

General Locations (St. Louis)
Boys & Girls Upper & Middle School Dorm Offices
Campus House (Nurses)
Main Academic Building - Reception Desk, Lower School Office, Middle School Office?, pool office, Auditorium backstage, Athletic Dept., Service Desk, Housekeeping & Security Office area, main kitchen,
Field House (Boy's Gym) - locker area
Pre-School - Office
Business Office Building - HR
Maintenance Shops - Carpentry/Engineering Office, Landscaping Office
Security Gate House
Isabel House (HOS residence)
All School Busses

D). Accident-Injuries & Reports

All accidents, injuries and near misses must be reported to WSD immediately (as circumstances permit) or within 24 hours! Also notify the following:

  • If students are involved
    Notify the appropriate Dean, School Directors (St. Louis), Resident Counselor/House Parent, Coach or responsible staff member, or a nurse - who in turn should inform WSD.
  • If employees are involved
    Notify the employee's supervisor or manager. If the supervisor or manager cannot be found, notify Campus Security.
  • Written Reports
    Persons who supervise others involved in accidents must provide WSD with signed written accounts of the circumstances immediately or within 24 hours.

    If injuries are employee work related, the supervisor/manager must provide the necessary information on a Workman's Compensation form obtainable from WSD or its web-site.

    Accident reports shall be reviewed or investigated for cause by the effected department, WSD or by Campus Security as appropriate.

    Pertinent findings shall be addressed, corrections made and noted as part of the report for documentation.

E). Transportation to Care Facilities as Needed or Requested

Transportation is to be arranged or provided as deemed necessary by nurse, supervisory, Security, administrative or personnel in positions to make responsible decisions, or at the request of sick or injured persons.

Never allow ill or injured persons to drive - particularly if they have head, eye or neck injuries, or when there may be lapses of consciousness. Drivers should be provided to support the need, and to help explain the circumstances to care personnel if necessary.

A nurse may accompany an individual to provide interim care if necessary, but not just to be a driver.

The use of personal vehicles for transport of ill/injured persons is discouraged for insurance and liability concerns, and should only be considered when no other options are practical or available


  • Ambulance/EMT
    For serious illness or injuries including loss of consciousness, excessive bleeding, head/neck/eye injuries, breathing difficulty, persons in extreme discomfort and/or when professional assistance seems desirable and outweigh personal preference to the contrary;
  • Campus Security/Deans/Coaches/Resident Counselors-House Parents/Supervisors/Employee using Principia owned vehicles For less serious or moderate claims when persons are conscious and coherent, are capable of sitting in a vehicle without undue discomfort, and when personal preference for transportation can be exercised.
  • Nurse Van
  • Primarily for Principia students who may need stretcher transport to an outside care facility.

  • Taxi
      If no other options are available, contact:
    • St. Louis County Cab for 24/7 coverage at 314-993-TAXI (St. Louis)
    • Comfort Cab Company for 24/7 coverage at 618-465-2010 (Elsah)
    • Liberty Cab Company for 24/7 coverage at 618-462-6437 (Elsah)
F). Care Facility Locations

Elsah Area

  • Alton Memorial Hospital
    1 Memorial Drive (off College Ave.)
    Alton, Il.
    Emergency Services Phone: 618-463-7474
  • St. Anthony's Hospital
    1 St. Anthony Way (off College Ave.)
    Alton, Il.
    Emergency services Phone: 618-474-4683
  • Jersey Community Hospital
    400 Maple Summit Road
    Jerseyville, Il.
    Emergency Services Phone: 618-498-8400

St. Louis Area

  • Peace Haven Association - CS Nursing Facility
    12630 Rott Road
    St. Louis, MO. 63127-1214
  • Emergency Room - Missouri Baptist Medical Center
    3015 North Ballas Road,
    St. Louis (Town & Country), MO. 63131
    (314-996-5225 Emergency Room)
    (314-996-5000 General)
  • Concentra Health Services - Westport Facility for worker's compensation and employee work related cases only
    83 Progress Parkway
    Maryland Heights, MO. 63043
    Hours: 8 am - 8 pm M-F 8 am - 1 pm Sat.
    (314-434-8174 business hours)
    (866-398-1105 after-hours)