Guidelines for Cellular Phones

Guidelines for Cellular Telephone Usage and Texting While Driving

Policy for Cell Phones, Electronic Communication Devices, Laptops, Pagers, Texting, etc. and Driving

SAFE DRIVING IS YOUR FIRST PRIORITY!  Always buckle up and keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on driving. Cell phones and electronic communication devices have many practical, time-saving uses, but they can be distracting and have contributed to as many traffic accidents as drunk driving according to studies. Multitasking and active interaction with such devices engages the mind and affects concentration more than does passive listening to radio programs or music, regardless of whether they are “hands free operation” or not.   
The Principia’s policy for use of these devices is intended to: 1) Keep drivers and their passengers safe and free from injury; 2) Prevent injury to other drivers and to anyone else; and 3) Prevent loss of or damage to property.

The Principia Policy
Use of cell phones or other electronic communication devices, including computers and particularly for texting by persons driving Principia vehicles (including privately owned vehicles used for Principia business) is not permitted, except as may be necessary in emergencies.
If the driver is experiencing an emergency, he/she should make every reasonable effort to safely pull off the road to make emergency calls when it is safe to do so.
If the driver is receiving an emergency call or is expecting one, he/she should make every reasonable effort to safely pull off the road to continue communications if necessary, or ask the caller to call back when it is safer for the driver to respond, or take a message or voicemail and return the call when it is safe to do so, or have a passenger answer the call or take a message.
[Note - What constitutes an “emergency” may vary from person to person and be a matter of judgment, but if it distracts, upsets, and affects safe driving, this policy applies.]
At minimum, this policy protects drivers, passengers, and all concerned from the consequences of poor judgment. Failure to abide by it may deprive drivers of the privilege of being approved or authorized to drive Principia vehicles or personal vehicles on Principia business.