Speakers and Events (2010-2011)

What would you say about a speaker series that has included Barack Obama, Colin Powell, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Maya Angelou, David McCullough, Elie Wiesel, Robert Duvall, Val Kilmer, Coretta Scott King, and Margaret Thatcher, just to name a few? And Principia College students didn’t just get to hear these people speak from a distance. With most speakers, there are opportunities to interact. Robert Duvall taught an acting class when he was here, and Barack Obama met with a group of students the night he spoke on campus. You never know who’s going to stop by.

Speakers coming to Principia College in 2010–11
Professor Muhammad Yunus
Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson
Herman Boone
Monitor Night Live 2011
Dr. Laurance Doyle
Colin Beavan
Kristen Monroe
Susan Vreeland


Another thing I really love about this place is the speakers that have come. I’ve been completely blown away! Anyone can present amazing, wonderful facts on paper, but to have people talk to you about their life, that’s the ultimate.