One big advantage of going to a small liberal arts college is that you can participate in a remarkable range of activities. You don’t have to be a theatre major to land a leading role or a physics major to be on the solar car team. And you don’t have to wait years for your turn to shine. You’ll have opportunities to make a meaningful contribution your very first semester.

In fact, you’ll be pushed (gently, of course) to head in fresh directions. The goal is to develop yourself across the board—intellectually, spiritually, socially, morally, and physically. We call it “whole man education” and provide countless ways for you to do it.

Principia students know each other—and their professors—as individuals. You’ll be friends with teammates, classmates, housemates, cast mates, band mates—you name it. And when friendships cross so many boundaries, you’re not compelled to conform to a particular group. Instead, you’re accepted for who you are. As a result, the friendships you form are deep and lasting, a source of support, inspiration, and comfort not only during college but for decades to come.