Planning History

What is the process?

  1. Evaluate physical assets…how are buildings and spaces within allocated?
  2. Assess the buildings ability to meet the programmatic requirements
  3. Assess the physical condition of building systems
  1. How well do existing facilities serve current academic departmental needs?
  2. What works well?
  3. What would you change?
  4. What is required to meet future needs?
  5. What is the ideal?
  6. How should it function?
  7. How will it serve the Strategic Plan?
  8. What are the functions, relationships, and space needs?
  9. How do we get the right classrooms in the right places?
  10. What are the critical components to bring energy to the campus core and create the village center?
  1. Assemble base drawings of existing academic buildings
  2. Analyze space by function, area, seating capacity, class scheduling
  3. Identify comparables.
  1. Assessment
  2. Programming
  3. Next Steps

Frederic Morgan

We must look to a goal of securing beauty without extravagance, permanence within a financial outlay that represents good business practice.