Meet Sophomore Marshall McCurties

Glen Arbor, Michigan

I am a history major and a political science and education minor.

I am currently involved in rugby, student government, the ambassadors program for the Admissions Department, and I am an international student mentor. 

Reason for transferring to Principia:
I transferred from Michigan State University the winter of my freshman year because I did not like the atmosphere, impersonal nature, and size of MSU. I wanted to go to a college where I actually knew people and could develop lasting friendships. I wanted to be in the Principia community because of its love, support, and commitment to Christian Science. At Michigan State I found it difficult to make meaningful friendships with students who were mostly concerned with partying. I wanted my college experience to be one of substance, where it was not just about academics but moral, social, physical, and spiritual growth as well. All of that exists at Principia, so for me the decision was easy. I wanted the one-of-a-kind education Principia offers.

Principia highlight (so far):
I love playing rugby! I started playing my first week here on campus and have loved every minute of it. There is a sense of brotherhood on the team that you can’t find anywhere else. The team is very inclusive of anyone who wants to join—we love adding new members to our family. It has been a terrific experience, and I highly encourage everyone to come try it!

Thoughts about Principia:
What I love most about my Principia education is the “whole man” concept. I can see tangible growth academically in the classrooms, athletically on the rugby field, socially in the dorms, morally in my interactions with individuals, and spiritually in my study and demonstration of Christian Science. I have formed friendships and bonds with people that will last my whole life.