Leadership Institute

“The world needs purposeful men and women—men and women who are fitted to be leaders in every avenue of righteous activity.”

– Principia founder Mary Kimball Morgan

Principia was founded on the belief that education must include what Mrs. Morgan called the “building of character” and should foster moral courage, selflessness, and service to others. She expected Principians to be not only outstanding students but exemplary citizens. This emphasis on character-building, along with Principia’s ideal size and broad range of extracurricular activities, creates an outstanding environment for leadership development.

The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to develop and refine the leadership practices of our students through study, discussion, reflection, and experiential learning. The Leadership Institute will provide students with a formal, structured, and detailed look at leadership practices, and opportunities to apply what they’re learning to their leadership roles.

You, too, can become a fan of the Principia Leadership Institute.


It made me start thinking about things the right way, and that gave me confidence as a captain.