Silicon Connection

Geology and Computer Science—the two are more connected than you might think. The components of silica (silicon and oxygen) make up 75% of the Earth’s continental crust; thus silicon is at the heart of what geologists study. Computer scientists rely upon the unique semi-conductor properties of pure silicon to form the basis of the computer hardware industry. 
The Silicon Connection FYE Program brings together these scientific disciplines in two full introductory courses: Introductory Geology and Introduction to Programming. Geology and Computer Science are connected not only by silicon, but by common approaches to problem solving through scientific reasoning. We’ll also look at types of information used in computer programs to model the carrying capacity and sustainability of planet Earth.

GEOL 111 Introductory Geology–Dr. Janis Treworgy
The Introductory Geology course gives you an opportunity to learn about the internal and external processes that form and shape the Earth as we see it today. From this understanding you will learn to interpret the processes that create the landforms around us. You will never look at your surroundings in the same way as you enhance your observation skills and analytical thought process through in-class and field activities.

CSCI 171 Introduction to Programming–Ken Johnson
In the Introduction to Programming course, you will learn to program a computer using the C++ or Java programming language. You’ll explore problem solving through algorithm development, program structure and design, arithmetic and Boolean logical operations, and binary numbering systems.
In addition, each FYE program contains an Integrated Learning Course (ILC) required of all first-time students. In this three-semester-hour course students develop learning skills needed for successful completion of college-level academics and lifelong learning. Students will learn strategies for generating and revising good writing, how to conduct well-documented research, participate in deep class discussions, prepare effective oral presentations, and develop strong critical thinking skills. Topics also include organizational and time management skills, and how to gain the most from your college academic experience.

Explore the connections between two science disciplines that will ground you in the practice of problem solving!

  • GEOL 111 SC   Introductory Geology (GESL) 4SH     M W F      2:20-4:10 p.m.
  • CSCI 171 SC    Intro to Programming (GESN) 4SH     M W F    8:00-9:50 a.m.
  • GEN 101 SC     Integrated Learning: Silicon    3SH     T R         9:25-10:40 a.m.