First Year Experience

FYE (First-Year Experience) PROGRAM

Have you ever thought about how Christianity relates to our current environmental concerns? Or how we perceive phenomena, such as politician’s promises, government initiatives, films and internet video content? You will engage with such questions in creative ways in the First Year Experience programs. Each FYE program is an integrated introduction to a liberal arts college education. Programs are designed around courses from one or two different disciplines focused on a common theme, such as ecology and scientific practice.

While you’re involved in these unique courses, you’ll also be developing key skills essential for success in a liberal arts curriculum such as: writing, analytical reading, information literacy, and critical thinking. Each program will combine either two or three different courses: one or two content-area course(s) and one skills course. Some FYE programs will also have a quantitative reasoning component.

In choosing a program, you’re choosing a set of two or three courses taught by professors who are interested in discovering the various connections between disciplines. Examples include philosophy and cultural history, computer science and geology, or literature and theatre.

Read about 2014–15 programs here

Signing Up for an FYE program

  • Students will register for an FYE program when registering for fall courses. Incoming freshmen and non-exempt transfer students* are required to register for an FYE program when registration opens for new student registration.
  • Registration for programs is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • FYE programs vary in semester hours (SH), so please note the number of semester hours and talk to your academic advisor about your choices.
  • If you want to change your FYE program once you have registered online in Banner, you can use the add/drop function on Banner until the FYE program is closed due to full enrollment.

*Transfer students will receive a letter from the registrar's office letting them know whether or not they are exempt from the FYE program. To contact the registrar's office directly, please call 618.374.5100.