Dr. Faith G. Paul

Professor of History
PhD, University of Chicago
MA, University of Hawaii, Manoa
MAT, University of Chicago
BA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Paul is the current chair of the Global Perspectives Program as well as the founder and director of the Principia Oral History Program. Her professional interests include social issues and public policy, and research methods in history and the social sciences.

In the history program, Dr. Paul teaches the three courses in the research component—an introductory research course, Scholarly Thinking and Research, that focuses on the philosophies, theories, and methods of history, and the two senior advanced capstone research courses. She also teaches history courses on the American Revolution, Civil War, Immigration and Acculturation, and Social Issues and The Courts. In Global Perspectives, she teaches the introductory course that explores the nature of complex problems and the multidisciplinary frameworks and data sets for addressing those problems, as well as teaching the capstone research courses. She has a particular interest in how perceptions of self and others at given times and across time have shaped social issues and public policy.

Her current research uses oral history to capture: (a) how the Christ idea in education has shaped and was shaped by Principia faculty and staff who knew Mrs. Morgan and/or played an important role in Principia’s development; (2) how the lives of individual Christian Scientists, from members of the Christian Science Board of Directors to local Sunday School teachers, have enabled the Christian Science movement to “move” in meaningful ways. She also facilitates the use of oral history by students and faculty across the disciplines in their research endeavors.

For 15 years prior to coming to Principia, Dr. Paul was engaged in full-time historical and social science research on social issues and public policy. She has served as an expert witness in higher education desegregation cases for the United States government and for private plaintiffs. She was co-principal investigator on a five-year statewide Indiana Youth Opportunity Study funded by the Lilly Endowment, and served as president and a senior researcher for the Public Policy Research Consortium focused on issues of opportunity.  

To learn more about Professor Paul and her contributions to Principia College, tune in to the “College Faculty Spotlight” Talk Show on Principia Internet Radio, linked below.