Dr. Christine A. McAllister

Associate Professor of Biology
PhD, St. Louis University
MS, Kansas State University
BS, Principia College

Professor McAllister has a broad background in botany and ecology. Her master’s research focused on plant ecophysiology—understanding how plants respond to the abiotic environment. Currently, her research focuses on plant population genetics, with a particular focus on exploring how past and current climate impacts population genetic structure in tallgrass prairie plants.

Professor McAllister is a member of:

  • Botanical Society of America
  • Graduate Women in Science
  • American Women in Science
  • Sigma Xi

A few of Professor McAllister’s publications include:

  • Maragni, LA, AK Knapp and CA McAllister. 2000. Patterns and determinants of potential carbon gain in the C3 evergreen Yucca glauca (Liliaceae) in a C4 grassland. Am.J.Bot. 87: 230-236
  • Knapp, AK, N Bargmann, LA Maragni, and CA McAllister. 1999. Elevated CO2 and leaf longevity in the C4 grassland-dominant Andropogon gerardii. Int.J.Plant Sci. 160: 1057-1061
  • McAllister, CA, AK Knapp, and LA Maragni. 1998. Is leaf-level photosynthesis related to plant success in a highly productive grassland? Oecologia 117: 40-46.
  • Hamerlynck, EP, CA McAllister, AK Knapp, JM Ham, and CE Owensby. 1997. Photosynthetic gas exchange and water relation responses of three tallgrass prairie species to elevated carbon dioxide and moderate drought. Int.J.Plant Sci. 158: 608-616.