Lauren Hinchman

Assistant Professor of Education
Department Chair
MS, Montana State University
MAT, Webster University
BA, Principia College

Lauren Hinchman came to Principia in 2010 as a visiting faculty member in the Biology Department. She joined the Education Department full time in January 2011.  Professor Hinchman taught biology and environmental science at North Central Michigan College for nine years prior to becoming a faculty member at Principia. She has also worked for Freshwater Future, an environmental NPO that works to protect the freshwater resources of the Great Lakes Basin. In addition, she gained experience in natural interpretation and the design of hands-on science literacy programs in K–12 public schools while working for SEE-North, an environmental education NPO. Professor Hinchman brings her extensive experience in both science and education to her current position as department chair. As the science specialist in department, she teaches environmental education, outdoor education, and science methods courses. In addition, she has taken the character education course under her wing and enjoys nurturing students’ interest in the subject.

Professor Hinchman has traveled extensively and is putting her interests and travel experience to good use by leading abroad programs for Principia that include Iceland and St. Lucia. She has traveled to ten of the Caribbean Islands, and eight other countries.