What is an Externship?

Principia’s Externship Program provides a chance for Principia students to “shadow” Principia alumni professionals in their places of work for up to five days during the College’s Spring Break.

THE 2015-16 PROGRAM WILL BE HELD MARCH 14-18, 2016.

During an externship, students get to experience, first hand, the day-to-day workings of a professional office in a selected industry. Each student is hosted by an individual alumnus or non-alum professional who serves as his or her guide for the week and who will explain the company’s operations. Students also have opportunities to visit with employees in other departments, attend client and vendor meetings, and work on small projects that simulate work in that field.

Who can be an Extern?

The program is open to all Principia College students who are in good standing at the College. Applications are available from the ACA office in the School of Government (lower level).

Students in all academic majors are invited and encouraged to apply.

When applying, students are asked to describe the type of organization at which they'd like to extern, and one or more geographic areas that would be best.  ACA then will locate an appropriate externship opportunity and offer the position to the student. Students who offer the broadest criteria (i.e. the most general organization types and flexible geographic areas) generally have the best chance of securing a suitable position.

Who Sponsors Externs?

Individual Principia alumni and friends are invited by the Academic and Career Advising office staff to become Extern Sponsors. Sponsors are invited based on a clear set of guidelines. 

Past sponsors represent a wide variety of different businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations. Financial institutions, governmental organizations, scientific labs, advertising and marketing firms, social service agencies, arts organizations, manufacturing companies, law offices, media outlets, design companies, and more are options for externships!

But, ACA has access to possible externships in a wide variety of disciplines and geographies, so year-to-year assignments vary tremendously, based on student interests. 

For Students

What Does It Cost?
Principia charges NO fee to participants. However, students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the externship location, their housing and meals, and for their daily living expenses during the week. Details are available on the Externship Application.

How do I apply to be an extern?
Apply online or contact the ACA office to pick-up a Student Externship Application form.

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