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Our vision is a world at peace, beginning with the Middle East. To that end, we foster hope for pressing Middle East challenges by informing people about the issues, inspiring them with examples of solutions to the region’s challenges, and transforming them into engaged global citizens.

Euphrates is an educational non-profit 501(c)3 organization that creates student activists, supports Middle East visionaries, and provides opportunities for face-to-face dialogue with peacebuilders in the Middle East.


Founded in 2006 by Janessa Gans Wilder, the Euphrates Institute is a response to the critical national interests at stake in the Middle East, coupled with the troubling lack of public awareness about the region—especially regarding the local grassroots efforts to elevate society, reduce terrorism, and promote freedom. Ms. Wilder’s Middle East experience has included Arabic study, living, traveling, and leading tours throughout the Arab world. After five years of government service on the Middle East and South Asia, she was a consultant to the State Department and a visiting professor of Middle East issues at Principia College. Janessa received a master’s degree in International Policy Studies from Stanford University and did her undergraduate studies at Principia.

Euphrates Programs

Chapters. We foster local groups worldwide who join the Euphrates community to learn more about the Middle East and become change agents in their communities.

Visionaries. We honor and promote visionaries and leaders working to heal divides.

Travel. We lead trips to the Middle East to explore first hand the causes of and solutions to conflict.

Resources. We contribute to the conversation through blogs, videos, interviews, and articles.

Events. We host educational conferences, film screenings, group discussions, and talks.

E-mail or call 202.503.4634 with questions or comments.

Principia's Euphrates Chapter: Humans, not headlines

Mission Statement

The members of Principia's Euphrates Chapter . . .

  1. Inform themselves individually about relevant issues in the Middle East
  2. Inspire themselves as a chapter by addressing these issues with collaborative Christian Science treatment.
  3. Transform the campus by elevating thought in order to reveal a new perspective of the Middle East.