Down the Rabbit Hole: Reality and Authenticity

This program has two focuses: 
The first focus will be looking at the connections between writing and thinking. For the first part of the course we will focus on generative writing strategies and understanding how this connects directly with our ability to think clearly. This first focus will give the students a skill set to deal with difficult reading in dense text. Then, students will be guided through the process of answering an original question about the topic through writing a thesis paper.

The second focus will be looking at the issue between appearances vs. reality. We will look at the difficulties this debate raises for ethics, epistemology, and the metaphysics in the study of philosophy. This course will meet the Humanities LADR requirements.   

In addition, each FYE program contains an Integrated Learning Course (ILC) required of all first-time students. In this three-semester-hour course students develop learning skills needed for successful completion of college-level academics and lifelong learning. Students will learn strategies for generating and revising good writing, how to conduct well-documented research, participate in deep class discussions, prepare effective oral presentations, and develop strong critical thinking skills. Topics also include organizational and time management skills, and how to gain the most from your college academic experience.

PHI: 150: Introduction to Philosophy (GEH) (3 SH) – Chris Young
GEN 101: FYE Integrated Learning: (3 SH)