Educational Trips

 (REVISED Mar 2012) 



Dining Services provides reimbursements for meal expenses for boarding students on educational trips, charging a portion to student meal allowances.  Educational trips include academic and moral reasoning seminars.  Reimbursement for these trips is available through Dining Services only during the academic terms and when it is not possible for the group to eat in the dining room during regularly scheduled hours.  If you received a cash advance, the reimbursement form can be used to credit your department. If meals were paid with personal money, the reimbursement form can be used to reimburse the faculty/staff member. 

In order to receive reimbursement for meals on educational trips, please follow this process:

1. Pick up the necessary forms from a Manager, between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday-Sunday. If you have questions, call Carol Davidson at ext. 5050.  

2. If a cash advance is needed, charge the expense to your department.

3. Pay for the food using the cash advance or your own money.

*Please note that reimbursements cannot be given without receipts. Receipts must have dates and times/meal periods.

4.  Please use the tax exempt cards when buying meals for students.  We will not be able to reimburse the tax part of the receipt.  If the organization will not accept the tax exempt card, please make note of it when turning in your paperwork. If going to another state besides Illinois and Missouri, please check with Accounting to see if they have tax exemption forms available for other states, especially Tennessee, Florida, and New York.

5.   When eating at restaurants, please keep student meals on a separate receipt from yours.  We only reimburse for the boarding students’ food

6.  When buying at retail/grocery stores, please send in the entire original receipt.  We only reimburse for food items.

7.  After the trip, send Carol Davidson in an I/O envelope or in person a completed meal reimbursement form along with:

    a. All the original receipts for each meal, which will be returned after reimbursement has been completed unless a check request is needed for reimbursement, and

     b. A list of all the boarding students with their Student ID numbers, and

     c. If individual receipts are being turned in for each student, complete the spreadsheet linked below.

8. In order to charge student accounts accordingly and in a fair and timely manner each semester, all forms for educational trips must be turned in no later than 1:30 p.m., Friday of 15th week. After that time, we will not be able to do reimbursements.

9. Please note the following:

     a. Reimbursements will not exceed the following per student:

                Breakfast         Lunch              Dinner

                 $4.50               $6.50               $9.00

     b. Student meal cards will be charged for trips as follow:

                 Breakfast         Lunch              Dinner

                 $1.88               $3.38               $5.27