What to Expect

MYTHBUSTERS: The Writing Center Edition

(aka What to Expect from a Tutoring Session)

Myth #1: Writing Center tutors are really just glorified proofreaders.

BUSTED. Tutors won't proofread your papers. Their job is to help you identify and correct your own mistakes. They'll also help you learn the rules so you can proofread your own work.

Myth #2: I can dump my paper on the tutors and take a nap while they fix everything for me.

BUSTED. The whole point of peer tutoring is that it's an interactive process. The tutors teach through conversation, so come ready to take an active role in improving your writing.
Myth #3: Every time I visit a tutor, I'll leave with a perfect paper with perfect grammar and perfect citations. BUSTED. The tutors' goal is to help you improve your writing process and technique, not just to edit a final product. Sure, you'll bring in a paper to work on, but in just half an hour you may only get through half of it. But at the end of that half hour, you'll know how to correct the rest on your own.

So here's the real scoop on Writing Center Tutors [CONFIRMED]:

What the tutors can do for you:

  • Help you develop your ideas and your writing at any point during the writing process
  • Give you strategies for efficient research in the library
  • Help you generate and organize ideas before you even start writing
  • Give you writing advice from the perspective of another student who’s been there
  • Work with you to evaluate and improve one particular aspect of a paper, such as thesis, structure, persuasive language, clarity, citations, transitions, punctuation, etc.
  • Help you discover and understand the weaknesses and patterns of errors in your work
  • Teach you the rules and conventions that will help you avoid making those mistakes again

How to prepare for your tutoring session:

  • SIGN UP! (in the Café area of the Library)
  • Bring a copy of the assignment along with your draft or outline
  • Have specific questions or problem areas in mind—better yet, written down—to discuss
  • Be open to feedback and ready to work

Tutors are available in the Café area of the Library, Sunday – Thursday, 8:00 – 11:30 p.m.

Tutoring sessions last 30 minutes.

“Excellent. Really helped me understand how to avoid run-on and punctuation mistakes.”

“I can write my intro now!” (capstone student)

“My tutor helped me to write clear transitions and to see the parts where I was writing clearly on my own.”

“My tutor helped me with forming my thoughts.”

“I will definitely use my tutor often.”