Become a Tutor

What is good writing? How do writers get better? What resources are there to help writers develop? And what about research? What are the best ways to navigate the library’s database subscriptions and conduct research at Principia? If you are interested in these questions—and their answers—keep reading!

Teaching the Writing Process (WRIT 350) is designed for students who want to become writing tutors, focusing on writing processes, tutoring strategies, research, style, and grammar. However, while most students who take this course are interested in being Principia writing tutors, many take it with an eye toward skills that will help them in careers or graduate school.

If you are interested in being in this year’s class, please submit a sample of your academic writing—in hard copy or as an MSWord email attachment—to course instructor Ellen Sprague in the Writing Center. If you have questions, please contact Ellen at ext. 5442 or

“My tutor had a very professional and articulate way of coaching and guiding me in my writing.”

“My tutor was very helpful and kind while improving the flow and sentence structure of my paper.”

“My tutor was great! I would definitely love to work with her again.”

“My tutor was definitely very helpful in explaining what I needed to improve upon and how.”

“I am very grateful to have the assistance. My tutor was both helpful and friendly. Thanks!”