Phase 4: Sophomore Proficiency Portfolio

Each student submits a portfolio of specified writing during the sophomore year.  Each portfolio is evaluated by two faculty members from the student’s major department and one faculty member from the Writing Center.  Students who have not successfully completed this evaluation by the time they earn 149 quarter hours will be placed on writing suspension and will not be allowed to be enrolled at the college until phase 4 is completed.


Note that there is now only one opportunity to submit Phase 4 each term*.  If any of a student's portfoliio pieces do not pass, the student will have to wait until the following term to resubmit.

*Click below to review letters sent out Fall 2010 informing students needing to complete Phase 4 about this upcoming change.


 Deadline for both new / initial submissions and resubmissions:


(For SpringSemester 2013, the specific date is Thursday, March 21)

Note that the above is a deadline, not a due date; initial and re-submissions are welcome & encouraged anytime before and up to the above deadline.  However, NO SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 2:00 P.M.ON THE ABOVE DATE unless the student has requested and received in advance an exception from the Writing Program Director.

Portfolio Contents

Students must turn in both a hard copy and an electronic copy of each of the following:

  1. Writing specified by student's major department(s)*
  2. EITHER   a revised persuasive essay from a WRP3 class (at least one previous draft must accompany the revised essay when submitting)   OR   an original short, persuasive essay written in a proctored/supervised setting
  3. A cover letter providing the portfolio readers with a context for the selected pieces

*If the student is a double or triple major, he or she must submit the required major piece for each major.

Exceptions to Phase 4 Submission Resubmission Deadlines and/or Contents

If you need to request a special exception to Phase 4 submission policy, print out a copy of the Phase 4 Exception Petition [Link to K:\Phase 4\Tracking\Phase 4 Exception Petition], fill in the portions that apply to your request, sign it, get your advisor’s signature (both advisors if you’re a double major), and then return it to the Writing Center.  Please do this as far in advance of the next resubmission deadline as possible in order to allow time for your portfolio readers and the Writing Program Director to consider your request.

Phase 4 Exception Petition

Submission Instructions for Students

Evaluating Phase 4 Portfolios

Accessing Students' Portfolio Results