Phase 1: Writing Seminar

Principia College is committed to helping each student grow as a writer and as a thinker throughout his/her undergraduate experience.  The Writing Seminar represents the first step in that process.  All first-time first-year college students are required to participate in this intensive writing experience, two weeks before fall quarter begins. During these two weeks, students work closely with the other students and the faculty in their section (approx. 12 students and one teacher in each).  The teachers have been selected for their teaching and writing abilities and also for their desire to work with first-year students.  All of the sections come together twice during the two weeks for a Writers’ Forum—a time for students to share a piece of their writing with all participants and for all of us to celebrate excellence and progress.



The writing seminar will help students:

  1. gain confidence, enthusiasm, and fluency as writers—breaking down blocks, labels and fears;
  2. understand the connections among reading, writing, and thinking;
  3. become more versatile writers through reading, writing discussing, and thinking about a variety of texts—creative, analytical, reflective, and experimental;
  4. learn to use various strategies for generating and organizing writing and for interacting with texts (invention and drafting skills);
  5. realize the commitment language demands of us if it is to persuade, to illuminate, to inspire, or to sing (revision skills);
  6. experience the value of sharing and testing their ideas and their writing in an environment of trust and respect.


Seminar Dates

Pre-Fall Writing Seminar 2011

  • New Athletes (Soccer, Volleyball, Cross-country):  TBD
  • All other new students:  August 22–27