Using the W Drive

What is the W: Drive?

The W drive is the Writing Center’s network drive (writprog on ‘Es-filer-01’).  This is where you can find an electronic writing portfolio folder just for you, where you will drop portfolios and writing samples and retrieve your writing evaluations.  This is also where faculty portfolio readers can access and review your portfolio submissions.  You will use this e-portfolio throughout your experience at Principia. 

To access the W: drive:

  1. Click on My Computer, and you will see various drives to access. 
  2. Click on the following drive:  Writprog on ‘Es-filer-01\writcnt’ (W:)
  3. Within this W drive, choose the letter of your surname, and then scroll for your name and double click on your folder.  (If you try this and get an error or “access denied” message, call x5145)
  4. In a second window open the folder where you have stored the documents that you want to drag and drop onto the W drive.
  5. Here you have two options, depending on what you’re trying to do:
  • Access your “Working Space” folder.  Here you can save any of your papers from the Writing Seminar and any other class.  You have both “Read” and “Write” access to this folder, so you can save papers here that are either final or works-in-progress, edit them, rename files, etc. Note that while you can save writing files here throughout your Principia experience, you cannot save downloads or other personal files to this folder.  Click here to review the “Your Dog Can’t Eat the W: Drive” handout for more information.
  • “Drag and drop” your Writing Seminar Portfolio files into the Phase 1 folder.  (Note that you CANNOT do a “Save As” from an open document into this or any other Phase folder, as these are all DROP-ONLY file folders.) Make sure you retain a copy of each dropped paper in another location, such as your “Working Space” folder.  If you hold the “control” key while dropping a file, it will ensure that a copy stays in the original location.  NOTE: the documents inside the folders for Phases1–6 are “Read-Only” and cannot be changed.  

Faculty members will drop evaluations and other communications for you to view into the Evaluations folder.  This is a “Read-Only” folder.


How to drag and drop  

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. Open W: Drive (labeled: writprog on ‘Es-filer-01\writcnt’ (W:))
  3. Find file corresponding to first letter of your last name,
  4. Open file labeled Your Name (while you can open the folders labeled Phase 1–Phase 6 to see what’s in them, the documents in these folders are “Read-Only” and cannot be changed or moved. You can only drag and drop documents into them.).
  5. In another window, open the folder containing the file you wish to drop.
  6. Making sure that both windows are visible on screen at the same time, right click on each document as you drag it over ONTO the appropriate folder (hold the document on top of the folder so that the folder name is highlighted), as follows:


Paper(s) Folder
Writing Seminar Portfolios (2)

Phase 1

FYE cover letter, annotated bibliography, and sample paper

Phase 2

WRP3 sample paper

Phase 3

Phase 4 writing portfolio (all pieces)

Phase 4

Phase 5 paper

Phase 5

Capstone paper

Phase 6


When you release the right button, choose “copy here” (don't move the document itself, as you'll want to keep a copy for yourself).


Accessing the network from your personal computer