How do I know what I need to resubmit and what edits/revisions I need to make?

Check the Evaluation Summary Form from your previous submission (located at: W drive/your folder/Evaluations folder/Phase 4 folder).  In addition to giving you helpful feedback on your writing, this will remind you which pieces you are being asked to resubmit and whether you may just revise them for resubmission or need to submit completely new pieces.

Phase 4 Resubmission Policy

When resubmitting all or part of a Phase 4 portfolio, all students must:

  1. Resubmit according to their readers' instructions in the Phase 4 Portfolio Evaluation Summary Form. For each portfolio piece, the student should note carefully whether they are required to 1) revise and resubmit the same piece or 2) submit a new piece. 
  2. Make a noticeable effort to respond to all feedback from their portfolio readers for every portfolio piece that they are required to resubmit.  Partial or incomplete resubmissions will not be accepted. 

Portfolio readers will not read resubmissions in which these instructions have not been followed.

Students may apply for an exception to this policy.  Petition forms for requesting exceptions to Writing Center Phase 4 policies are available from the Writing Center, or click here to see Exceptions fo Phase 4 Policy.