Portfolio Results

How Portfolios are Evaluated

Readers:  Your portfolio will be read by two faculty members from your major department (or one from each department if you are a double major) and one from the Writing Center.

Characteristics of a Passconsistently high quality of writing throughout the portfolio

  • shows care in revising and editing so as to eliminate most problems in usage, syntax, punctuation, spelling and grammar.  Although the reader might encounter an occasional error, there should be no patterns of errors;
  • the ideas are organized and structured in a manner appropriate for the assignment and in such a way that the writer can show skill and knowledge of devices such as transitions and metadiscourse;
  • the ideas are developed with details so as to show depth of thought and an ability to link generalizations and main points with specific support;
  • each piece of writing is introduced so that the reader is clear about the writer’s intention and the writer has encouraged a reader’s interest;
  • the piece of writing is concluded in a way that provides coherence with the intention noted in the introduction.

 Characteristics of a No Pass:  inconsistent quality or consistently low quality of writing

  • patterns or quantity of errors: calls into question the writer’s command of diction, usage, syntax, grammar and/or mechanics, including documentation conventions;
  • underdeveloped writing: stays at a level of generalization or detail so as to call into question the student’s ability to show depth or breadth;
  • disorganized or indistinguishable organization: throughout the whole piece or at the paragraph level;
  • disjointed ideas: absence of transitions, metadiscourse or other cohesion devices;
  • ineffective introduction:  does not adequately match the development of the paper, clarify the intent of the author or draw the reader into the body of the paper;
  • inadequate or unjustifiable conclusion: is not effectively supported by the body of the paper, does not match what the writer intended to explore, or does not synthesize all key points.

Click here to see the Phase 4 Portfolio Rubric

How to Access Your Results

Your Readers’ Evaluation Summary Form for each submission period is accessible under Phase 4 in your Evaluations folder on the W: drive. 

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. Open W: Drive (labeled: writprog on ‘Es-filer-01\writcnt’ (W:))
  3. Find file corresponding to first letter of your last name,
  4. Open folder labeled with your name
  5. Open folder labeled Evaluations
  6. Open folder labeled Phase 4.

To find the Evaluation Summary Form for the most current submission period, look at the beginning of document title.  It will begin with the submission semester (e.g. "Fall11") and end with the date the evaluation was completed.

We also strongly encourage you to contact your advisor for more specific feedback or with any questions you may have about your portfolio evaluation.